The Charity

Recovery Unlimited

Recovery Unlimited’s purpose is: recycling, creating jobs, supporting economic stimulus, and earning funds for 501(c)(3) charitable outreach programs.

1. Green Demolitions. Recycling Luxury donation program. Luxury items destined to be thrown out are the raw materials for the mutually beneficial recycling program called Green Demolitions. This entrepreneurial process has four components: a) Recycled Luxury - kitchens, bath fixtures architectural elements, and furnishings slated to be thrown out are diverted from landfills, b) Creating Jobs. The careful removal, transportation, and resale of these items creates numerous construction and retail jobs as these items are prepared for re-purposing, c) Supporting Economic Stimulus. Green Demolitions provides affordable recycled materials which encourages consumers to start renovation projects, and d) Recovery Outreach. Proceeds earned from the retail sales of recycled items fund programs and projects that help recovering addicts and their families.


2. Renovation Angel. Donating Luxury. Supporting your Cause. Renovation Angel offers all the benefits of the Green Demolition’s program with an added “give-back.” On qualified donations, Renovation Angel distributes a portion of the proceeds to the charity of the donor’s choice. Renovation Angel is a positive way for homeowners to support their favorite non-profit organization through the Green Demolitions recycling luxury program.